Allies to Future Generations


After facing quadruple bypass surgery, former president Bill Clinton made a commitment to take charge of his own health. He was further inspired to spread this goal to the hearts of America. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation was founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation in 2005. With the powerful goal of reducing childhood obesity, the Healthy Schools Program kicked off the Alliance’s initiative in 2006. Not only does this organization work toward a more nourished and physically active youth within schools, but it also provides resources for other key players in promoting positive change, including parents, doctors, healthcare and community leaders.

The Alliance urges parents to “Lead By Example”, through physical activity and making nutritious food choices. The online ebook, Weigh In: A Conversation Guide for Parents and Adult Caregivers, directs parents in having those often tricky talks about making wise and healthy choices on a daily basis. The Take Action tab on the website provides various resources for other role models in children’s health. Schools are offered an extensive list of wellness policies and ideas for smarter snacks, beverages, and cafeteria meals. The site even provides instructions and curriculum guidance for Health and Physical Education teachers, and out-of-school notions and activities for bonus points. A lengthy list of companies are highlighted for the collaborative efforts they have made with the Alliance such as keeping healthy products affordable or healthcare benefits to children.

The amazing benefits this organization is offering our nation are constant, as seen in their ongoing news and events postings. Just recently, Bill Clinton appeared on the Rachel Ray show to celebrate some major achievements in fighting childhood obesity. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation partnered with Rachel Ray’s Yum-o! in 2006, and Ray has contributed these delicious recipes for healthy school cafeterias to try.

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