Go ahead and bug me with The Good Stuff


Thank you, PBS Digital Studios, for reviving the 2013 (originally Google-funded) Internet program, The Good Stuff,” which launched new episodes as of May 2015. The YouTube video playlist ranges from the history (and health effects) of sleep, the future of food, history of robots, and the limits of our perception. My current favorite, however, is the episode titled, “Why You Should Eat Bugs.”  Not only is the video visually-stimulating (or for some, gross), but it is also filled with thoughtful and culturally-responsive information that get us thinking about the quality and quality of the world’s food supply—and why developed countries should consider this efficient form of protein. I especially appreciate the cooking demonstrations. Care for a grasshopper taco? You can find the complete 13-minute episode below. Bon appetite.

You can subscribe to PBS Digital Studios YouTube channel [here]. Or just the “The Good Stuff” playlist  [here]. A new episode and/or playlist from “The Good Stuff” is available on the second Monday of every month.

Update (10/29/2015): Here’s an interesting article (“Do Not Feed Bugs to Students”) from Ted Fujimoto about the ways in which schools feed students “bugs” in the form of disengaging curriculum under the illusion of choice [read it here]

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