The Mediatrician Can Help

CMCHThe Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH) was founded in 2003 by Michael Rich— a pediatrician, father, and ex Hollywood filmmaker. Located at Boston Children’s Hospital, CMCH is an academic research center with the mission “to educate and empower children and those who care for them to create and consume media in ways that optimize children’s health and development.” It is largely funded through grants and philanthropy and their projects fall into three categories: Continue reading “The Mediatrician Can Help”

The Cookbook Project Teaches Food Literacy

NOLA_cookbook_projectAdam Aronovitz and his wife, Alissa Bilfield, are co-founders of The Cookbook Project, a New Orleans-based non-profit with a mission to “empower youth to be catalysts for healthier communities through food literacy and cooking education.” They focus on health, sustainability, and community.

During the 2013-14 school year The Cookbook Project partnered with City Year and The Barbara Lynch Foundation to pilot a food literacy education program in the Boston Public Schools. One cohort of City Year staff were trained to implement a semester-long program with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students from the Blackstone Elementary School, located in Boston’s historic South End neighborhood. Based on the success of the pilot program, the Boston Food Literacy Initiative was launched during the 2014-15 school year. 55 City Year staff members were trained to run programs for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in four Boston Public Schools. Through an innovative collaboration with The Barbara Lynch Foundation, the program is teaching youth about the connection between their food choices, the community, and the environment. Continue reading “The Cookbook Project Teaches Food Literacy”

A Place for Teens to Seek Answers

KidshealthIs there any danger to smoking e-cigarettes? How can I lessen my test-taking anxiety? How much sleep do I need? Why is my voice changing? These are questions that teens desire to ask, but often are afraid to do out of fear of embarrassment, or even just inaccessible resources.  TeensHealth is a friendly and honest website for teenagers to explore information regarding physical and emotional health topics. Available 24 hours a day, pediatricians and other medical experts offer the straight answers to any and every health question that teens may have. The site also offers a tab for kids, and another for parents. KidsHealth and TeensHealth was created from the nonprofit organization Nemours. In 1936, philanthropist Alfred I. DuPont started Nemours with the vision of improving the health and spirit of children. Also, the Nemours Center for Children’s Health Media has consistently delivered health education in a comfortable and engaging manner.

The TeensHealth site is easy for young people to navigate. While creating a supportive environment where teens can ask literally anything, they are combating the fear that often accompanies asking a health practitioner or parent face-to-face. They are also bringing the power of cultivating health literacy into their own hands. Categories on the site include food and fitness, sexual health, drugs and alcohol, and many other healthful and helpful areas. The site covers most frequently asked or sought questions, while leaving plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

A favorite tool offered on the site is the Making a Change goal tracker. This feature breaks down goals into manageable steps, so teens can track their progress and celebrate successes. The featured articles are also a huge hit, and you can even listen to them via the audio tool. This month, a relevant article elaborates on Seasonal Affective Disorder, which most teens feel but do not understand the origin. Videos are also a plenty. Check out this informative video on bullying, created by seven teens with true-life experiences.

The parent tab offers similar categories to kids and teens, but fosters relative responses. Topics vary and include how to communicate with your teenager, fire safety plans, and even recipes. The KidsHealth in the Classroom tab offers teachers guides and lesson plans from preschool through grade 12.

This is such an empowering opportunity for teenagers to search, discover, learn, and take action for their own physical and emotional health. Now is the time for them to cultivate power and spread what they know. After all, they are our future mentors and leaders.