Whole Curriculum Development Model

This is a presentation given by Vanessa Domine at the 2016 Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) Conference on April 1st. The title is, “A Whole Curriculum Development Model for Critical Media Health Literacy Among Adolescents” as part of the Session “Health Literacy: Communicating and Collaborating for Better Understanding.” Audio stream and supporting documents are located below the presentation.

Curriculum Planning Sequence/Steps [download pdf]
Sample Essential Questions & Key Questions [download pdf]
Sample Web Resources:

The Mediatrician Can Help

CMCHThe Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH) was founded in 2003 by Michael Rich— a pediatrician, father, and ex Hollywood filmmaker. Located at Boston Children’s Hospital, CMCH is an academic research center with the mission “to educate and empower children and those who care for them to create and consume media in ways that optimize children’s health and development.” It is largely funded through grants and philanthropy and their projects fall into three categories: Continue reading “The Mediatrician Can Help”