Food Media Literacy Course

New course elective offered Fall 2017 semester in the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University.  Description: Food literacy requires much more than accruing facts or deciphering nutrition labels. Humans must actively engage across a wide variety of communication contexts and media platforms. Students in this course will develop and apply food media literacy skills to analyze, evaluate, create, and circulate knowledge about the histories, cultures, economies, and politics of food in the United States. Students will demonstrate their understanding of media languages, messages, audiences, and ownership through individualized and cross-platform media productions.

CMDA 320 Transmedia Storytelling is a recommended (although not mandatory) pre-requisite.

[download a flyer]

Food for thought . . . literally

If you have just 5 minutes this summer, watching this video by TED-ucator Mia Nacamulli s time well spent. “How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain” is brilliantly animated and incisive in its information about that old adage, “you are what you eat.” The short video illustrates the direct and long-lasting effect of food on the most powerful organ in your body: your brain. Mia Nacamulli takes you into the brain to find out which foods cause us to feel so tired after lunch and so restless at night. You can also measure your knowledge with a post-viewing quiz and and a means of customizing the lesson to your own educational needs [log-in required].

Like this video? Check out one of Mia’s many other health-related animated flicks: “What Would Happen if You Didn’t Drink Water?” You can also connect with her on Linked In.